About Salarly

salar.ly was developed by Lynn Root and Sebastian Porst to help job seekers get a solid understanding of real salary data before they get into salary negotiations with companies.

If you have any comments or requests, please send an email to info@salar.ly.

Profile picture: Lynn Root

Lynn is a software engineer at Spotify working on partner integration. She is the founder and leader of PyLadies San Francisco, an international mentorship group for women and friends in the Python community. With PyLadies, Lynn regularly hosts local workshops, sprints, and events to promote Python to all experience levels of programmers. Lynn is also a fellow and a board member of the Python Software Foundation. Lastly, she is an avid caffeine addict, regular speaker at Python-centric conferences, and a Twitter fanatic.

Profile picture: Sebastian Porst

Sebastian is a software engineer on Google's Android Security Team. He spends most of his free time copying images from /r/aww and /r/corgi to his Google+ stream.